Dostana (2008)(Hindi)

Dostana is a story about two guys, Sameer (Abhishek Bachchan) who is a nurse and Kunal (John Abraham), a photographer. They bump into each other while looking for an apartment to rent, and coincidentally head towards the same apartment. However, they are both thrown out because the owner wants to rent the apartment to women only, since her niece, Neha (Priyanka Chopra) stays in that apartment alone. Sameer gets the idea (when a US Soldier mistakes them to be a gay couple and tells them about missing his partner) that if Kunal and he pretend to be gay lovers, then the owner will agree to let them stay. Kunal initially refuses, but agrees out of desperation. Their plan works and they move in. Over a period of time Neha, Kunal, and Sameer become good friends, hanging out together and having fun.

One day Neha's boss 'M', short for Murli (Boman Irani) announces that he is resigning his job as the editor-in-chief of Verve magazine and is in charge of replacing himself. In order to impress her boss (who is gay) and bag the job, Neha invites him for dinner at her house telling him that she will introduce him to her gay roommates.

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